UI Art

Desert Dash

This is a fictional mobile game I came up with while studying at BCIT. The concept is simple: you play as a fennec fox that is running to escape the encroaching city and find a new home for your family. This involves jumping over crevasses by tapping the screen, swiping left or right to move either direction, collecting coins to buy powerups, and grabbing hot peppers to burn stubborn cacti away.

User flow diagram

Graveyard Keeper Tablet Concept

Just for fun I decided to take one of my current favorite games “Graveyard Keeper” and turn it into a concept for a tablet game. 

In this process I had to think about what parts of the regular game work and don’t work for mobile, what can be cut out and how to streamline certain processes (like crafting – there’s too much back and forth between crafting tables, storage areas, and the actual area you need the finished product to work on mobile)

I also decided to use a different art style – the original game is done with pixel art.

  • No walking, click on different areas to go there (home, crypt, church, town, etc)
  • Show lye injection crafting, injection table allows crafting so you don’t have to go back and forth like in the regular game
  • Quests available on each day and what you need for each (currently in game, it shows certain quests, but it doesn’t always show what you need to complete each one. It requires you to remember who you talked to, and who else you need to get information from. I found this very annoying if I took a break for long periods of time – I wouldn’t know what quests I was working on and had to figure it out all over again)
  • Skill tree – Theology, Smithing, Building, Cooking, etc
    • Using points to pay for skills – show skill points when earned
    • Make it obvious when you have or don’t have a skill needed

This is by no means completed, it’s a large project and I’m still adding and updating things as I play the game.

Rebecca Williams