Evergreen Catholic School Division

  1. Overview
The Client

Evergreen Catholic School Division


The Challenge:

The division wants to revamp their website using a cloud-based solution in order to appeal to new and existing parents and showcase the schools’ unique programs.


Outcome: An updated website solution that is user-friendly, modern, and captures the division’s vision.


Role: Lead web/ux designer, Project Manager

  1. Research

Right off the bat, this client had a very particular look they were going for. They had already organized their content for migration to the new system, and had documents in place showing exactly what they wanted on the new site, and where to find it on their old site. It’s unusual to have such an organized client, for which I was grateful.


This client already had done the majority of research, they simply wanted me to build out the wireframes and mockups, and collect their assets for migration.

  1. Project Scope

Unfortunately such a seemingly simple project doesn’t always go as planned. Incorrect information given by the Sales Team almost killed this project at many points and as Project Manager, it was my duty to smooth out any issues and liase with other teams to come up with new solutions. 


After many back-and-forth sessions between IT, Sales, Project Managers, and Management, we finally got this client into a happy place and their website up and running.


Some of the challenges included:

  • SSL certification generation and downtime: due to login information and sensitive documents, the client wasn’t happy that at least 24 hours are needed to generate an SSL certificate with the Edlio platform and wanted a manual solution so the sites were never insecure.
  • Document management: the client was not fully happy with the regular document storage solution of the Edlio CMS, which didn’t allow for updating PDF’s. After much testing and research, I provided three options for their document management. They weren’t fully happy with any of the three, but they did decide that the option to store documents on the main division site and link to those from the schools was an acceptable solution.
  • Certain features of the Edlio CMS were not working on their mobile sites. After testing with the help of developers, we were able to fix these issues mere hours after launching.
  • Authentication Issues: this was something of an ongoing issue when I left. It boiled down to being given incorrect information from the Sales team at the start of the project, and then not being able to have the authentication they wanted due to limitations within the Edlio CMS. After much testing and updates that were rushed out by the DevOps team, we at least reached a useable LDAP solution. Some of the frustrations from the client were simply that they were switching from SharePoint, to a cloud-based CMS, and there were differences in platforms that they weren’t expecting.


Aside from the troubles on the project management side, the design portion was actually very easy since the client already knew what they wanted, and provided outlines.

  1. Design

The first step in creating their new website design was to take their outlined documents and gather all the necessary information for the homepage.


Once that list was created, I laid out wireframes of the homepage to guide the design process.

Once the wireframes were completed and the client had checked over all the homepage information, I created the full mockups.

The client wanted large, high resolution images to be immediately visible, along with the option for captions. They had specific quicklinks in mind to be shared across all schools, and a simple navigation without dropdowns. Dropdown navigation is usually ideal for schools and districts because of how much information the need to present, but because of the accordion menu options on subpages with the CMS, the client opted not to have dropdowns, and instead simplified all their content into manageable chunks that parents can easily find.

Evergreen School homepage mockup and subpage examples.