Cecil B. Spa & Laser

  1. Overview
The Client

Cecil B Spa & Laser


The Challenge:

Client wants a refreshed website that’s modern, promotes their online store products, and easy to update. They also need help sending out their monthly promotions and managing their website.


Outcome: A modern and user-friendly website using the WordPress platform, integrated with MailChimp for email marketing strategies.


Role: Web Designer, Email Marketing Campaign and Website Manager


I worked with Nicola and Maria for years at Minuteman Press, helping them design and print their product packages and promotions. When I switched careers into the web space, they asked me to help out with their website. This was my first official freelance client, so I jumped at the opportunity. I don’t usually offer web management services, but these people had become friends of mine and weren’t asking for a ton of time, so I said yes. Anything that could help me learn about business websites and client needs.

  1. Research

First, I started with researching other spa websites that were highly successful.


Research Goals:

  1. Determine who the primary target audience is and why they use spa services.
  2. Understand the industry standards and what features/services/offerings can give a small local spa a competitive edge.
  3. Identify areas of improvement on the current Cecil B website.


I conducted secondary research to familiarize myself with the national and local spa landscapes. I collected information from websites and articles on trends and challenges, to identify industry standards and user expectations.


To build off my secondary research, I analyzed some of Cecil B Spa’s competitors in the industry and provided the client with an analysis of their own website, listing proposed changes.

Cecil B. Spa & Laser current website analysis

Competitor analysis

Provisional Personas:

I created provisional personas that reflected the data I had collected through user research. Getting a sense of the general target audience helped me think about how the business would appeal to different demographics with varying needs.

Information Architecture:

Cecil B’s website needed some restructuring of content; there were a lot of good things about the current navigation, but the dropdowns were busy due to the large amount of content. Grouping services together and having one page for similar services should help eliminate some of the stress when searching for treatments.

  1. Design


I already had a general feel for what the client wanted with this project, so I began the process of wireframing without sketches and instead built up basic blocks that I refined as I went. 


I applied the branding and images to my mid-fidelity wireframes. With all of the visual details added, the were fully fleshed out and sent to the client for approval.

Once the mockups were approved, I began coding the WordPress site. After completion of the website, I have helped the client maintain the site by updating media files and newsletters, managing their email campaigns through MailChimp, and creating instagram and facebook templates.