I moved to Vancouver from the island at 17, fresh out of high school to pursue a career in video games. During my time at the Art Institute of Vancouver, I realized that it wasn’t the 3D aspect that I was attuned to, it was the interface design. Unfortunately the program didn’t have any classes that focued on the UI elements, so I switched my focus to graphic design.

I went into print design and from there, craved a deeper understanding of websites and human interface. I went back to school at BCIT and jumped into designing websites for schools with Scholantis. School websites were always a sticking point for me – the large ones seemed unorganized and impossible to find information without actually calling them, and my highschool website hadn’t been updated regularly.

I wanted to help the current student population so they didn’t have to suffer as my classmates and I had. Through user-centric design, I was able to do just that. 

Understanding the human experience is essential for creating useful and effective products. I enjoy using my skill set to empower people to accomplish their goals.

In my spare time I enjoy playing videogames (currently Divinity: Original Sin II and Graveyard Keeper), reading, baking, and snuggling up on the couch with my ridiculously adorable ball python.

What I do:

User Research

Conduct interviews, create personas, understand the needs of users/clients & keep them at the center of the design process.

Information Architecture

Help structure information and content in a way that is clear to the users and helps achieve goals.

Wireframes, Prototypes & Mockups

Translate research information into tangible designs that empowers users to reach their goals. 

Rebecca Williams