My Ball Python, Riddick

Art and games have been interests of mine since a young age and I thought for a time that I wanted to have a career making videogames. While studying 3D modeling at the Art Institute of Vancouver, I changed course and started paying more attention to design. From there, I got a job in the print industry and for 6 years gained design experience specifically for print, but wanted more knowledge on web development. The interest in videogames has never gone away, although my expertise is now in 2D asset creation and UI.

Since my focus is primarily in print, brand identities and packaging, I tend to bring home items that are of no use, but are packaged beautifully. Put a Jack and coke in my hand and I’ll gladly talk your ear off about poster design, typography and amazing brand packaging and paper (seriously, hand me a business card and the first thing I do is mentally identify the type and weight of paper used – with scary accuracy).

Why not drop me a line and chat about any of these things? Or we could just have a conversation about my ridiculously adorable ball python and obsession with italian greyhounds.


Vancouver, British Columbia

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I'm a graphic artist living in Vancouver, BC specializing in design for print and web, branding, and motion graphics.

When I'm not working I'm baking, playing video games, painting, reading or cooking. Hit me up and we'll chat:

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